The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages will help you find book reviewers.


The new 10th edition slashes hours of research time.

Includes a quick start guide, outreach checklist, sample email template. Everything you need to immediately begin soliciting book reviews.

174 Book Bloggers: contact information, reading preferences, turnaround time, posting policies & more!

35 Blog Tour Organizers that can help manage your tour: contact information, pricing, additional services.

42 Review Businesses to reach retailers, librarians and readers: contact information, pricing, and policy overviews.

9 Book Blogger Directories, 7 of them free.

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BRYP Has Helped Thousands of Authors

“If you are an Independent author, or you have a contract with an *unresponsive* publisher, this book is a good way to plan your book launch.”
Jason Henry Evans (Amazon, 8th edition)

“I bought the first version of this list and found it indispensable. Excellent resource for UK authors too.”
Stephanie Zia (Amazon, 2nd edition)

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Expecting Book Reviews from Friends

Expecting Book Reviews from Friends

You are launching your new book, and you know how important reviews are, so you ask your friends to write a review and post it on Amazon. You offer to send them a copy; perhaps even draft a few ideas they might use. Three months and 2 reviews later you’re wondering...

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Goodreads Giveaway Essentials

Goodreads Giveaway Essentials

A Goodreads Giveaway is an affordable way to promote your book, and solicit book reviews. It must be a print book and you can offer it any time, as frequently as you like, and Goodreads does not charge a fee. (Support for Kindle Giveaways has been announced, but not...

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